Wednesday, May 11, 2011


If only it was as easy to guess lottery numbers as it was to guess that it wouldn't happen on the day (or the next day for that matter).

Biggest hold-up: our lender, Homeside. Two days before D-Day they turn around and tell us that the builder's (Metricon) contract (standard and HIA-approved) does not meet industry standards when it comes to maximum number of construction days. Metricon state 'up to 411 days' and all their customers sign to that and, arguably, finish well within that timeframe. But Homeside think otherwise and we are to-ing and fro-ing.

What makes no sense whatsoever is:
- Hasn't Homeside dealt with Metricon before? One would like to think 'yes'.
- Homeside had already approved an initial amount; we had to reapply for an extra $20K (yes, 20 - Not 200) to cover our cooling extra.

The next 24 hours will determine whether we will be taking our business elsewhere.


  1. Crazy! So what does your lender think the maximum building days should read??

    Hope it is sorted asap :)

  2. HomeSide think/advise that 365 days is the 'normal' contract clause... However, after they re-read the Builder's Contract (which by the way is HIA-approved) and after we had to go through a number of Customer Service staff at NAB to complain... it got sorted out.