Monday, May 9, 2011

Maybe tomorrow ?...

Well it's been a long time since the last post. The reason? No activity whatsoever till late January 2011 when our land settled. Then, a slow process to finalise some necessary extras (cooling) and the overall house plans. All done now so... word from Big M is that tomorrow
Tuesday May 10th 2011
is our site start date. We are quietly ecstatic because we have been waiting for months now.

Of course, Sod's law says that tomorrow rain is expected, with more rain on Wednesday and Thursday.

Anyhow... hopefully this is the last time our block looks like this (picture below), used as a dumping ground for the neighbouring houses under construction :)


  1. Well I must say.....although quite nice, it doesn't look like much.

    I look forward to the transformation.

  2. I do like the trees. That's a nice touch. I guess they're not yours.