Saturday, May 28, 2011

Mud, glorious mud!

Well, well, well! That's exactly what the block looked like last night :) every hole dug by the crew who are preparing for the slab was full of water. Still, it was very reassuring to see that, despite the unfortunate weather, work is underway.

And today, the plumbers were on site, digging the trenches and installing the PVC drain and waste pipes. The block was a big pile of sludge but credit due to the guys for pushing on!

To top it all, I got to meet Wayne, our Site Supervisor. He comes across as a straight and honest guy an it was really useful to hear him share some of his insights about building on The Range. It was impressive and reassuring to see him giving up his Saturday morning and dropping in to see that work was under way on all Big M houses with subcontractors working over the weekend.

Fingers crossed for dry weather next week.

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