Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rumour has it...

...that our land will be settling mid-November. Didn't hear this from the lawyers, but through our Colour Selection rep at Metricon. Question is... does that give them enough time to dig and pour before the end of 2010? I sincerely hope so.

We shall let this unfold over the next few days.

Colour Selection now locked in for October 21st.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

One stress less

For us, one of the downsides of building a new home has always been the fact that we had to sell our current house and rent while the Trib (hey - I just nicknamed our new house!) is being built.

We sold our house in almost no time and we are settling in early December so a fair bit of stress was brought upon us as we started looking for a 4-bedroom home to rent. After 6 weeks of looking and despairing, we just got the good news that our application was accepted. So, despite the 6 weeks of overlap and double payments, we got rid of that temporary stress.

Now, off to finding some good removalists.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Owner (well almost) of a lonely block

August 7th 2010 - mud galore!

September 18th 2010 - new dirt on the block, road taking shape, drainage pipes and pits under ground

October 8th 2010 - Crushed rock! Ready for road surface? And utility conduits too? This looks like progress.

Where things are at

We have been waiting for the subdivision to be registered so that we can settle on the land (ouch $$$) and start building (ouch $).

We were told that early September is the target date and that the builders are just as keen as we are.

It's now mid-October and we still haven't heard anything. As much as I want to minimise the overlapping payments for the loan(s), I also want to see progress; and I want the concrete slab to be poured before Christmas and having it curing over the summer period. Let's see...

The House

A lot of the 'hunting around' for ideas and houses was removed, because the development we bought into was a number of House & Land packages. Ideally we would have chosen a Porter Davis house but, for this particular development, Metricon had already won the tender.

Each block of land had its house already 'matched'. Because we wanted a four bedroom plus study house, we opted for a corner block. By process of elimination, the house to consider was the Metricon Tribeca.

After numerous visits to the display site in Berwick, we decided that the house was big and comfortable enough for us and for our children.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Off we go

On June 26th 2010, Mrs Williams and I signed the contract for our new home. This is going to be 'our' new home, because we have only been together for 6 years. It feels like a new start and a joint journey.

There will be hiccups, disagreements, panic, arguments, tantrums and everything else that comes along when houses get built. But we will go through it and, when it's all finished, all that will look like a blip on the radar.

So, dear friends and passers-by, off we go. Don't expect a post every day, because a. I have a bad reputation when it comes to blogging and b. building progress is a fairly unpredictable and elastic thing.