Sunday, July 10, 2011

Looks Like a House

Despite the cold weather, the frame is going up at a good pace. Wayne, the SS, and Chris, the chief framer, have been battling the cold weather and have been hammering away for the past two weeks.

Of course, such is life and nothing ever goes to plan... Communication breakdown between Metricon HQ and the heating consultants resulted in an unpleasant surprise: two voids in two corners of one of the bedrooms (to route cooling ducts to the downstairs) without having been consulted first (angry emoticon).
Thankfully the guys on the ground sniffed the discrepancy between our plan and their plan and brought it to our attention. After 10 days of to- and fro-ing, we reached a compromise. The two voids were combined into one but we still lose 30cm from the said bedroom - however we are getting a better look in the end.

And yes, we are getting impatient - it's been over a year now since we signed the deal. Looking at our new neighbours' houses, they are going up so quickly (being single storeys)! But it is what it is, patience is a virtue and all that (compromising emoticon). Looking forward to next winter in front of our new fireplace!

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